About Collective Mind of N

Collective Mind of N Lab Private Limited, incorporated in July 2016, addresses the fundamental need of initiating behavior change in individuals. Changes in behavior are important to ensure individuals recognize their role in sustaining cultural expectations, within organizational or social context.


A behavioral change is possible when individuals are made to switch their thought processes when they are in the mode of ‘serious’ play. The products are designed to induce the concept of ‘serious’ play through digital and board games. The games, adopted from various research studies, are designed to be played individually or as a group.


The games designed by the company have been recognized by academicians and organizations as effective tools to cause changes in gender stereotyping, team management and decision-making.


Organizational Theatre

Based out of Bangalore, India; Organizational Theatre is one of pioneers in theatre based interventions for organizations across the globe started in the year 2013.

All our workshops and interventions are tailor made for every single organization that we come in contact with. At the core of our work, we use all the tools of theatre for Human and Organizational Transformation.

We use high end theatre tools for Diagnosis and Prognosis in an organization to identify and build theatre solutions with key Stake holders and Leaders. Our strength is to identify organizational challenges and provide theatre-based solutions to the same.


The young job seekers of today, come from a generation, that values self-discovery and personal growth over financial success. It is therefore harder for them to land the right jobs – those that resonate with both their personal aspirations, as well as abilities. The result is a sense of confusion and disillusionment, which makes them 3 times more likely to quit a job than others

Soulskill is a career pathfinder for young professionals – a platform that helps them discover their ideal career path, and based on it, introduces them to matching work opportunities that fall within. For employers, Soulskill greatly simplifies the process of recruitment – they are only presented candidates that match the the organisational culture, as well as experience criteria.


We were part of Launchpad program at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore between January-April 2017


Behaviour Sciences Labs, IIM-B

We are testing our products by conducting experiments at the IIMB Behavioural Science Lab