Tarun Abhichandani
Ph.D., M.S.

More than a decade of experience in managing businesses and processes.


Undertaken large number of syndicated and bespoke research studies centered on understanding consumer behavior.



Ramprasad srinivasan
M.B.A., M.C.M.

Over 17 years’ experience focused on advising, developing and implementing technology solutions.


Main skills include Project Management, Consultancy, Technical Pre-Sales and Delivery management.



Pradeep Mohan

A marketer & start-up entrepreneur, with over a decade of experience in advertising, branding, technology marketing, social responsibility, PR and brand marketing.




Rayan Magon

Rayan Magon is a psychology student at the University of Toronto and a Research collaborator at the Mind of N lab.


Rayan is the primary initiator behind the conceptual idea foundation behind the Game to reduce gender-based Implicit biases. We have worked very closely with her to develop the Tell Tall Tales game collaboratively. She has worked on the academic development and research element of the game by conducting an experiment in Jalandhar schools and will continue to conduct experimentations for the beta-testing of the online version of the game in Toronto.


We continue to collaborate with her throughout all research and developmental stages.


Vipul Jaiswal

Past Team Members

Rachika Komal

Researcher with Collective Mind of N with a Triple Majors in Psychology, Sociology and Economics from Christ University.


Rachika specializes in Bias awareness and detection. She consolidates findings from vast pool of research studies in the subject of implicit biases and extend it for implementation on the company’s digital platform