Organizational Change and Development

At the crux of any organizational change and development program lies the need for alignment between employees’ behaviour and the organization’s goals.


At mind of N, we address this need for alignment in the areas of leadership, sustaining culture, and maintaining performance goals.


We do this by making individuals realize the irrationality in their sets of behaviour and mitigate these irrationalities through systemic change.


An oft noticed scenario of behavioral biases creeping up in organizational settings would be for instance, how leaders and managers tend to underestimate exposure risk and overestimate the capability of systems to mitigate hazards.

The awareness and detection of the ever-present biases in our behavior act as a means for ensuring behavioral change. Addressing these biases can serve as a powerful tool within organizations to understand the current behavior and take steps to allow behavioral alignment.


People are most likely to change their behavior if they see the new behavior as rewarding and normal. At mind of N, we attempt to bring about behavioral change using this dynamic through a digital gaming environment as well as traditional non-digital games that stimulate a person’s learning abilities.

We measure existing and continuing
behavioral change through
our suite of product and services