Tell Tall Tales - A board game to counter Gender Bias

mind of N has developed a board game to counter the infamous ‘gender bias’.

The board game is a unique collaborative story-telling game that is bound to get your creative juices flowing. In the game, each player takes turns to build a common story with the help of a certain set of cards dealt to them at the start of the game. The game consists of fantasy and counter-stereotypical components – each player takes on a character and narrates the story using this “out-of-ordinary” characters.

Read more about the game here.

Tell Tall Tales now as its own website

Read more in detail about the board game to reduce gender stereotypes and bias, click to visit

Digital Platform

mind of N is building a multi-device digital platform that helps people address gaps in their behavioural tendencies.

This platform will have individual and group reports within specialised application areas and/ or behaviour sets which are arrived by the users playing single and multi-player scenarios/ games.

The platform will support behaviour change using Persuasive Learning and Emergent Dialogue.

Offline/ Digital Games

mind of N specialises in Offline and Digital games that are built to identify implicit biases within Individuals. These games are based on academic and corporate research.

Organisations or Individuals get reports on their game scores and how it affects their daily behaviours within their context.

These reports can be used as pre and post intervention bias measurements and can be coupled with any existent model/ framework or approach to get better diagnostic information.