Fault in Me?!
05 May

Fault in Me?!

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In any organization, first-time managers, who get promoted from being individual contributors have been known to exude a consistent pattern. Since they are new to managing people they tend to maintain positive disposition.

In ensuring that you always portray approval of everyone’s opinions, who reports to them and whom they report to, you may end up finding yourself more at fault or to be more accommodating.

From our research, we have produced a set of questions that will help you see whether you tend to over accommodate yourself to let those around you see your approach/ point of view more positively.

Go on, answer the questions (click the URL below) and find out where you stand.



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Tarun Abhichandani
More than a decade of experience in managing businesses and processes. Undertaken large number of syndicated and bespoke research studies centered on understanding consumer behavior.

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