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Tell Tall Tales – A game to reduce gender-based implicit biases

A recent addition to our growing platform of games is a board game we developed to counter the infamous ‘gender bias’. 

Play to Change

Believe it or not, [hu]man has always been a biased animal [1] Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to avoid biases? For starters, cognitive biases tend to crop up in our daily interactions mainly because people are often not aware of their existence [2]. I mean consider this, much of our behavior is […]

“Hey, I am SERIOUSly PLAYing here!”

“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” ― Alan W. Watts

Not all outcomes are created equal

“Half the results of a good intention are evil; half the results of an evil intention are good”  – Mark Twain

Situation over disposition

Sometimes it is not the person but the situation and circumstances that surround them that may lead to be misinterpreted by others. This may create a disadvantage for the person and it does not necessarily have anyone to blame. A deeper look at the situation & circumstances may allow us to see a whole new […]

Us vs them

A group attribution error in which we tend to associate with “our” kind and dissociate with others. A group attribution error is an attribution bias.

Know enough to judge

Often times we find ourselves jumping to conclusions based on what we see and believe to be true…

Irrationality is Natural

Each of us filters the world differently. For the same stimulus, we generate different thoughts, feeling and behavior. That is because our filters are unique.

Fault in Me?!

In any organization, first-time managers, who get promoted from being individual contributors have been known to exude a consistent pattern. Since they are new to managing people they tend to maintain positive disposition. In ensuring that you always portray approval of everyone’s opinions, who reports to them and whom they report to, you may end […]

Evaluating Mere Performance Metrics Results into Incomplete Leaders

The challenge of getting right leaders never goes away. Today, organizations need a different kind of leader. This calls for all around transformation – thinking, acting and reacting differently. These transformations are required at every leadership pipeline stage within a company. The issue, however, is that such transformations are hard to come by when the […]

Not all ends are equal

Imagine you are part of a team making an important decision with your manager. This decision is important as it will impact the outcome of the project that you are working on. There is a consensus between all team members including the subject experts that taking direction A is the most suited as it would […]

Love me More, Love me Always

“(Hu)Man naturally desires, not only to be loved, but to be lovely” – Adam Smith, The Theory of Moral Sentiments The above insight was offered by Adam Smith in his quest for understanding human nature. It is fundamentally true; there are individuals, though, who prioritize this aspect so blindly that all their activities and communications are […]

Implicit Bias and Performance Evaluation

Suppose you are an office-goer who decides to take public transportation or your own car based on the traffic you witness. One day you decide to take a bus to office based on the traffic you expect on the streets. It so happens that when you meet your colleague at the office; you are in […]

Timing and Doubt in Communicating Expectations

“Setting expectations” is the most common and frequent act among team members. The significance of the act is fairly high as it forms the basis of task execution and delegation. The underlying communication is not necessarily done in the most objective manner.